If you have been very busy with work and have had no time to pay special attention to the love of your life then here are some tips. 

1) Get her some chocolate when you meet her. Women love chocolate. It doesn’t have to be a big box but an assorted mix works well. Or why not try some chocolate body paint for a saucy alternative. 

2) There is nothing more romantic than being whisked off for a wonderful weekend away.

3) If you are staying in for a romantic evening then set the scene for love. Tidy up and think about creating a sensual atmosphere. Scented candles are great for this. Choose the music of her choice and set the perfect mood.

4) Turn off your cell phone and give her your undivided attention. Distractions can be a passion killer.

5) Chivalry goes a long way so open doors for her and compliment her sense of style and dressing.

6) Make an effort with your appearance as well. Get a haircut; wear a clean shirt and get a close shave. Some women find stubble unappealing as it tends to give them a sore rash.

7) If you are guilty of being a slob, put the sheets in the wash this week and make sure the bed is suitably dressed for a night of passion. Rose petals sprinkled on the sheets add a nice touch.

8 ) Every woman likes to be wined and dined but you know for sure that the restaurants will be packed on the weekends. If you have a special place in mind then book in advance. Or you can venture out to cook at home. Don’t attempt anything too ambitious. After all, it is not the quality of food, she is interested in.

9) Alcohol can really lubricate an evening. It helps you overcome inhibitions and get you both in the mood for a night of passion. Champagne and strawberries make an irresistible combination. It can be very sexy to pour champagne over your lover in the build up to sex. But remember, too much alcohol can leave you a little limp.

10) Have fun with food. Using ice cream can cause a chilly thrill and eating strawberries off a lover’s stomach can be very sensual.

11) Now you need to wash. Indulge in a sexy shower or bathe with your lover. Put scented candles in the bathroom.

12) Fantasy is important for women. If your lover has confided a fantasy to you, act it out. Dress up as a fireman or James Bond.

13) Take time over love-making. Kiss her and make her feel special. Source: www.loveblog.in